Mitch Bowman is a journalist from Vancouver, Canada

Labour writing:

Will Telltale's fate be a catalyst for industry reform? – Gamasutra, 2018

Technology writing:

The North Face Secretly Vandalized Wikipedia to Improve its Google Search Ranking – Motherboard, 2019
Why the US Government Just Made Its Own Font  – Motherboard, 2019
The Most Interesting Curator on the Internet Knows Exactly What You Want to See – Motherboard, 2015

Games writing (features):

What’s the problem with de_nuke? – PC Gamer, 2018
Inside The Video Game History Foundation – Polygon, Feb. 2017
Closing Vancouver’s Indie House – Polygon, 2017
Field Notes: How Devs Recreate Wilderness In Games - Rock, Paper, Shotgun, 2014
The Hidden World of Steam Trading – Polygon, 2014
Why the Fighting Game Community is Color Blind – Polygon, 2014

Games writing (news, reviews and opinions):

Newly Surfaced Arcade Documents from the 1970s Predicted a Wild Future for Video Games  – Motherboard, 2019
CS:GO's UI update is a needed upgrade – PC Gamer, 2018
Downhill biking game Descenders could be the heir to Skate's throne – PC Gamer, 2018
Cloud9 becomes the first-ever North American team to win a CS:GO Major – PC Gamer, 2018
CS:GO pro team makes controversial decision to hire former cheater – PC Gamer, 2017
The Arcade, and What We Stand to Lose Along With It – Unwinnable, 2013

In print:

Spatial Awareness – EDGE Magazine #308, August 2017
The Art and Science of Custom Fightsticks – Five Out of Ten Magazine #15, October 2015
The Challenges of an Infinite Galaxy  – Five Out of Ten Magazine #15, October 2015
Patchwork Monstrosities – EDGE Magazine #273, November 2014
Never Tired – EDGE Magazine #270, August 2014


Struggle Session episode 156 (2019)
Struggle Session episode 110 (2018)
The Docker Podcast episode 36 (2018)
The Coolest Kids episode 8 (2017)
Unlistenable episode 55 (2015)



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